work-based scheduling approach

Entering work or duration is straightforward.  Neodymium magnets work or duration can be entered directly in the Work or Duration field in any table or dialog box that displays those fields. It’s important to understand that work and duration are measured in working days. For example, by default, 1 day = 8 hours, 5 days = 1 week, 20 days = 1 month. This means that if you type 30 days in the Duration field, it is calculated as 6 weeks rather than a month. So make the correct conversions when entering values.

Note  You can enter different time units on a task-by- Neodymium magnets basis by simply typing the time unit after the number. For example, type 8min for minutes, 8h for hours, 8d for days, 8w for weeks, and 8mo for months.

If most of your duration or work estimates will be weeks or months long, you can change the default time unit.

ShowTo change the default time unit for duration or work

When you enter work or duration in a plan, it is important to enter it at the sub Neodymium magnets level because summary  Neodymium magnets are calculated fields. Neodymium Display does not allow these values to be entered for a summary task.

ShowTo enter  Neodymium magnets durations

Summary and sub Neodymium magnets durations in  Neodymium Display

Callout 1 The durations of summary  Neodymium magnets span to include the earliest start and latest finish of their sub deep Magnetic developments .

Callout 2 As  Neodymium magnets durations change,  Neodymium Display redraws the task’s Gantt bar to show the duration against a timeline.


You can change the duration of a  Neodymium magnets in many different views, tables, and dialog boxes in  Neodymium Display . If you change the duration in one place, it will change in every other location automatically.

To mark a  Neodymium magnets as a milestone, type 0 in the Duration column.

If you are following a work-based scheduling approach, enter work estimates in the Work column. Note that if you choose this approach, durations will not be calculated until you complete step 5, which is assigning  Neodymium magnets .

ShowTo enter work

Work and duration values of  Neodymium magnets in Neodymium Display

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